Notes from the MKGSA Technical Advisory Meeting Tuesday, October 5th, 3:00-5:00.

Notes from the MKGSA Technical Advisory Meeting Tuesday, October 5th, 3:00-5:00.

The biggest statement of the meeting was “This is the biggest challenge of our generation”. 

One of the major differences between MKGSA and EKGSA is that MKGSA is talking about a model that incorporates flow meters as well as ETa. There is a slide attached that touches on this, but this was a major point of discussion. Evaluating the pros and cons of pumping vs ETa. 
They are working with Fresno State on evaluating which flow meters will be acceptable to use. They are also building a platform where growers can enter their flowmeter data at the beginning and end of irrigation. MKGSA is hoping to have an approved list. I’ve requested a list of flow meters that are being evaluated. 

There is a Grower Water Market Workshop to be held on October 27th at 6:00 PM. Their goal is to have this policy written for 2022. 
The pumping cap will be between 1.5 and 2.5 AF. It is still undecided if this will begin during this year’s water season or when it is voted on later this year/beginning of next year. MKGSA sounds like they will be more flexible on water usage and charges for this first irrigation season. Many of the growers on the call said to go towards 2.5, coming out to 1.5 is too detrimental out of the gate. One grower mentioned that his Dairy operation would have to fallow 30% of its ground and reduce herd size. 
Ability to transfer water 1-3 miles, and only certain areas will be able to transfer water. White ground is not able to transfer water. There are roughly 6,000 acres of white land in MKGSA.

There were some concerns brought up about how the dairyman is going to struggle to balance their NMPs because they will no longer be able to double crop. 

The advisory committee is asking growers to email their questions to and The committee will review questions from growers and come out with a Q&A document as well as give them some ideas on conversations they need to have regarding policy. 
I would encourage growers in Mid Kaweah to send those questions to the GSA as they are starting to have those hard conversations.

The Greater Kaweah had an emergency board meeting at the same time today to discuss their pumping policy, but it ended up getting canceled and has not yet been rescheduled. 

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