MKGSA Board of Director’s Meeting

Opening Comments from GSA attorney Valerie Kincaid on DWR reports

The Kaweah Basin should hear back about their GSP by the 3rd Week of January. The Basin would have 180 days from the day they receive the report to make changes to their GSP. The Mid Kaweah is expecting and preparing for an incomplete from DWR.

Consistent themes in DWR reports for incomplete reports are that plans need to focus more on water quality (nitrates), closing data gaps, and minimum thresholds, to name a few.

Most plans that have been given an incomplete just need to step up their plan, not change the direction they are headed.

Mik Kaweah will begin making progress now on addressing items they believe the DWR will recommend.

DWR Pathways depending upon the letter that we should receive no later than Januarry 31, 2022. It is expected that the DWR will give the Kaweah Basin an “incomplete”.
Aaron presented a pathway to begin working on the items he believes the Kaweah basin will need to improve.
James Fisher from TID presented Land IQ data

Well Level monitoring for MKGSA Fall 2020

Well level monitoring for MKGSA Fall 2021

Historical Well level monitoring levels

MKGSA voted to join GKGSA in developing their water budgeting tool in the ILRP software.

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