Greater Kaweah Board of Directors Meeting – November 15th

Below are the slides that will be framing the postcard to be sent out to all Greater Kaweah Growers. Eric Osterling will use these slides to create a policy that will be open for a 90-day public comment in January. Growers will have 90 days to comment on the policy before it is approved in April/May.

There is one addition to this proposal that was not listed in the slides. Block proposal – rather than giving growers a yearly allocation, growers would have access to 5 years worth of water to be used either in a 5 year block or a rolling 5 year period. It was mentioned that a similar policy is in place in one of the GSAs in the Tule basin.

Greater Kaweah is hosting a grower outreach event at the international agricenter on December 3rd.

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