GKGSA Board of Directors Meeting

Greater Kaweah Board of Directed presented their proposed policy for 2022 growing season:

  • No pumping caps or tiered pricing until policy approval, could be as early as Spring 2022 East and Mid Kaweah have drafted proposals for tiered pricing and pumping caps for 2022 growing season.
  • The 2022 growing season will be dedicated to setting policy, grower outreach and helping growers understand how much water they are currently using.
  • Pumping cap will be set between 2 and 3 AF for 2023 growing seaon
  • Growing using more than their allowed set by the pumping cap will have a monitory penality, as well as a reduction up to 1:1 the following year. For example if a grower uses 4 AF, and was only allocated 3, the following irrigation season they may only be allowed 2.
  • No rates have been set for tier 1 or tier 2 pumping for 2023 growing season
  • November and December 2021 will be dedicated to grower outreach
  • Janurary 2022 they will begin a 90 day public comment period, with the goal of setting policy shortly after those 90 days.

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