EKGSA Technical Advisory Committee

The Techincal Advisory Committee will propose the following to the board for their meeting on October 25, 3:00 pm agenda here:

  • Retroactive to October 1, for the 2022 irrigation season, 1.65 ETa allowed per acre
  • They are determining what the max cap could be per parcel; it is being suggested to be 2.5 ETa (you’re not allowed to bank or purchase more than 2.5 ETa)
  • If users use less than 1.65 ETa, they can save it for the following year or sell it to another user.
  • Following the board meeting on October 25, the GSA will mail out a card to each landowner with their allocation.
  • Each APN number will have its own account, managed by APN number.

Helpful Terms:

Transferability is the ability to move your allocation to another property, person, or Management Area (MA)

Durability is the life of the water. It appears the recommendation is that the water is “durable” (allowed to be carried over from year to year) but has a five-year life (meaning we have to watch an AF to ensure that at year five it is either used or transferred or the owners removes their name from the supply).

AMT is “Amount” (So that means 0.85 AF per Acre is the amount (AMT))

Transitional/Temporary is an amount of supply that will eventually go away as such it is transitional or temporary.

Leave behind is an amount of water that would be left behind due to a transaction such as a transfer or a carryover.

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