East Kaweah GSA Emergency Groundwater Allocation 1.65 AF

East Kaweah GSA Cal GAP

The emergency groundwater allocation policy was passed by East Kaweah GSA (EKGSA), allowing East Kaweah GSA (EKGSA) growers 1.65 measured AF for the 2022 water year, beinging October 1, 2021.

East Kaweah GSA Cal GAP

Duration in Years: How many years can you “bank” your water.

Leave behind: You can save water for the following year. No loss of water you save. If you save 1 AF it is worth 1 AF the following year.

Regulated by MA: You can transfer native water across management areas, plan overdraft and transitional will be managed by the management area.

Max Cap by MA Con: There will be a max amount of water you can transfer across the GSA, that rate has not been determined yet.

Water Year: 12-month period October 1, for any given year through September 30, of the following year. The water year is designated by the calendar year in which it ends ad which includes 9 of 12 months. Thus the year ending September 30, 2022, is called the 2022 water year. 


Mid Kaweah GSA

California Water Commission: Groundwater Trading Workshop

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