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SGMA is approaching faster than expected and the Cal GAP Wingman™ Regulatory Services team is gearing up to help you.

Over the past few months, SGMA policies have started to take shape and during that time, our team has engaged in GSA meetings across the valley and consulted with regulators, GSA boards, and committee members.

As these plans are nearing adoption (or have been adopted) by their respective boards, we foresee new requirements for growers including extensive paperwork, strategic field grouping, and record-keeping. Our Wingman™ Regulatory Services team continues to ready ourselves to assist you with your SGMA needs so that you can stay focused on farming.

Need assistance navigating SGMA policies? Our team will get you the help you need. 




Wingman Regulatory Services

 Strategic Planning of Water Resources

 Data Management & Input

 Dispute Resolution


Wingman Irrigation Scheduling

 Irrigation Budgets/Irrigation Scheduling


Wingman Crop Advisor

 Stress/Nutritional Budget


Farming Basins

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