Tulare County looking at SGMA impact on property values

Highlights: The reality is there will be farmers who will plow over, fallow their land, and not use it as a result of the SGMA. The assessor’s office stated accurate valuations of fallowed land will largely depend on on sales of similar properties. Growers who remove trees during 2022 could see a reduction in their… Continue reading Tulare County looking at SGMA impact on property values

EKGSA Board Meeting

The EKGSA Board of Directors will charge $500 AF over 1.65 consumed AF pumping cap for the 2022 Water Year (October 1, 2021-September 30th 2022) Examples: Name Changes: Transitional changed to Tier 1 Penalty Planned Overdraft changed to Tier 2 Penalty Changes from board packet: Transferred water must be used in the year it was… Continue reading EKGSA Board Meeting

Links from EKGSA SGMA Workshop – November 18th

SGMA is approaching faster than expected and the Cal GAP Wingman™ Regulatory Services team is gearing up to help you.

Over the past few months, SGMA policies have started to take shape and during that time, our team has engaged in GSA meetings across the valley and consulted with regulators, GSA boards, and committee members.

As these plans are nearing adoption (or have been adopted) by their respective boards, we foresee new requirements for growers including extensive paperwork, strategic water budgeting, and record-keeping. Our Wingman™ Regulatory Services team continues to ready ourselves to assist you with your SGMA needs so that you can stay focused on farming.

East Kaweah GSA Emergency Groundwater Allocation 1.65 AF

The emergency groundwater allocation policy was passed by East Kaweah GSA (EKGSA), allowing East Kaweah GSA (EKGSA) growers 1.65 measured AF for the 2022 water year, beinging October 1, 2021. Duration in Years: How many years can you “bank” your water. Leave behind: You can save water for the following year. No loss of water… Continue reading East Kaweah GSA Emergency Groundwater Allocation 1.65 AF

EKGSA Technical Advisory Meeting September 20th

East Kaweah has started outlining their policies and procedures he could not comment on the other two GSAs in the Kaweah Basin, but the belief is their policies and plans will be similar.  The full board will be voting in October for the suggested ETa limit of 2.15 acre-feet. Growers that use more than 2.15… Continue reading EKGSA Technical Advisory Meeting September 20th